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to the only dedicated Craniosacral therapy clinics

in Taupo and Gisborne


Hi I'm Rachel Phelps,

with 12 years experience I'm your qualified and passionate 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Since completing my Diploma I've been blessed with growing a successful practice via kind word-of-mouth referrals. I am grateful to all my clients and fellow health professionals in Taupō for the support and recommendations they have given me.

This success has allowed me to now open another dedicated Craniosacral clinic in Gisborne!

It is an honour to be able to share the incredible benefits of this therapy. I feel privileged to witness people’s health and vitality come back into their lives on a daily basis.

My discovery of Craniosacral therapy was during three years of suffering severe sciatic pain. It was the only thing that brought some relief, deeper than that, it brought a sense of reconnection to self and stirred up a curiosity for more of the like.


The subtle body, the energy systems, profound wisdom and healing capabilities of the body are my passion. I studied and practiced Shiatsu at the Zen school of Shiatsu in London, hold certificates in Hakomi Psychotherapy and raw food nutrition.


I regularly attend workshops and travel overseas for higher education.  My dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice of the last 15 years has kept me strong and subtle enabling me to do the things I love with ease and grace.


My life’s traumas have led me on to the path of self inquiry and love. I also run retreats for women encouraging them forward on this inward journey.

Craniosacral Therapy has been my number one support in releasing old patterns, physical, emotional and mental, assisting my body back into its natural state of being - stillness! This deep healing state has given me more vitality to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Thank you for sharing in this journey, I look forward to working with you.

Rachel Phelps

"When you are laughing you are healing."

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