Walking in Beauty 

Living by Grace


New Zealand

May 22-25

Tauhara Centre  


This retreat is about supporting women into the path of SELF-LOVE ... where it all begins.

There was a time when women were connected to their divinity, their beauty, their wisdom, and their grace. Many do not believe that these attributes lie in every single one of us.  We have forgotten how to nourish these qualities so that they may be strengthened.  Most of us have spent years basing our self -worth on whether we met the standards that media and culture have set for women; to be skinny and sexy in order to be truly a women. In this retreat WALKING in BEAUTY; LIVING by GRACE how liberating it is to think of your value being defined by your INNER LIGHT, your RADIANCE and GRACE.

"I have learnt and grown so much from this weekend it is really hard to quantify in a few words. The reconnection of the age old powerful sisterhood is an amazing thing, and has endless positive opportunities both looking inward and outward. The combination of positive energies, nourishing food, and the direction of you two Jody and Rachel has given me the courage and strength to travel a path that is not always easy, but that leads to the light. You two have a rare gift and a beautiful resonance working together and i thank you both for your dedication hard work and most of all the unconditional love that enveloped us all." - Ilse Taupo

What this retreat is about

Each of us is unique,  As women we have been given a gift, the beauty of Divine Creation within us. Our beauty is not in our makeup or fashion, it lies in our DEPTH! During these 3 days of WALKING in BEAUTY-LIVING by GRACE let us go to this depth and beyond.  This is the time for you to nourish these qualities, remembering that connection and presence to the wisdom and intuition that is within all of you.

During these 3 days you will be nourished through:


Daily yoga practices - to reconnect to your body.

Silence and stillness - to find your centre and your own inner voice.

Nourishing plant based food - to cleanse and re-energise you.

Powerful sharing, releasing and learning to celebrate being a woman.

Are you ready to step into the fullness

of who you really are?


“And I said to my body softly, ‘I want to be your friend’; it took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’

Nayyirah Waheed


Friday 22 May

Arrive at Tauhara Centre from 3pm onwards to be welcomed

- beautify your sleeping accommodation 

- experience the beauty of the Tauhara Centre.

6pm - there will be a light nourishing supper

7pm - we will formally open the retreat with ritual & introductions


7-9am - Yoga , meditation & traditional Tibetan singing bowls 

9.30-10.30.am - yummy breakfast 

10.30- 12.30 - free time 

12.30 -2.30pm - a nourishing workshop followed by Lunch!

2.30-pm - 4.30pm - free time

4.30pm-6.00pm - healing circle

6pm - light evening meal

7.30 - evening meditation & traditional Tibetan singing bowls 


7-9am - Yoga , meditation & traditional Tibetan singing bowls 

9.30-10.30.am - yummy breakfast 

10.30- 12.30 - free time

12.30-2pm - Workshop

2pm- 3pm lunch

3pm - 4pm - free time

4pm-6pm - healing circle

6pm - 7pm - light meal

7pm - 8.00pm - meditation & traditional Tibetan singing bowls 


8am-10am - a delightful surprise

10.30am - 11.30.30am - breakfast

12pm - 1pm - ceremony and celebration to close the retreat

Cost of this retreat is $720 including accommodation and meals or $670 before 10 April 2020 (early-bird) 

To make a booking please click the button  below (LIMITED TO 14 SPOTS)

Meet your hosts and guides

  • Rachel Phelps

    Hi I'm Rachel, with 13 years experience I'm a qualified and passionate Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

    The subtle body and energy systems, profound wisdom and healing capabilities of the body are my passion. I studied and practiced Shiatsu at the Zen School of Shiatsu in London, hold certificates in Hakomi Psychotherapy, raw food nutrition and currently in my last year of studying Hypnosis at The Leela School of Awakening.


    My life's traumas have led me onto the path of self enquiry and self love. My dedication in my work, and now in these retreats,  to help women expand into their fullness, their beauty and the grace of their true essence.


    Deep authentic connections with the people around me, laughing a lot and walking my dog in nature of my home town Taupō, all make me happy. 


    I look forward to being with you on this retreat.

  • Mela Herbert

    Kia Ora, I am Mela and I am happy to be a co-host on this beautiful retreat. 


    Originally from Germany, I came to NZ with my family 20 years ago and settled here in Taupō, the heart of New Zealand.

    Here is were I discovered Yoga 17 years ago which has been my companion since. I am forever grateful to have found his practice and it’s teachings.

    I feel so grateful how kind New Zealand has been to me - this is where I am able to experience exciting adventures in nature, build strong connections & friendships through community projects and work in my own graphic design business. 

    Through practise and space I have discovered strength and my own ways to live a purposeful life. I really believe that we all have beautiful gifts inside us that want to be expressed when they are given attention and nurture. This retreat as a great opportunity to do this work and I am looking forward to meet and connect.

  • Chrystal Heals

    "Gifted from birth and guided by intuition with a healing connection to the Divine realms"

    Chrystal was born in Holland but now lives her life abroad, guided by intuition and travelling the world to serve - individuals - couples and groups with her "healing touch" and Tibetan singing bowls.

    Chrystal was invited into a Shamanic sound healing circle where she was introduced and fell in love with traditional Tibetan singing bowls, which has now evolved into her healing practice. 

    Chrystal is a practitioner of Inner yoga, which is one of the worlds most oldest and challenging spiritual traditions, she also completed a seven year Chakra healing program.

    She is highly regarded in the healing work that she does and we are so lucky and privileged to have her here with us on this retreat.

The TAUHARA CENTRE is a beautiful retreat and seminar centre set on five hectares overlooking Lake Taupo and the mountains of the North Island's central plateau. Over 60 years ago the Centre was dedicated as a place where people of diverse opinions could meet in a spirit of goodwill, understanding and co-operation.


"We are concerned that all aspects of our environment -- natural, social, economic and political -- shall be so shaped to enable each person to realise his or her individual purpose within the unity of all ..."

- The Tauhara Founders' Vision

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